Ross Rosen

Founder (Non-Coaching)

I've been addicted to exercise since I was a kid. As an adult, I thought the only exercise for adults was running. But as the world's worst runner, it wasn't a lot of fun. Then I discovered CrossFit and realized there was another path. I've been hooked since.

Although I'm not a coach, I've got a lot of business experience which I've used to help Twenty Pound Hammer. I've spent over 25 years building new markets for startups - as a software engineer, a product manager, a marketing executive, a sales leader, and as a founder and CEO. I've been part of wild successes, moderate successes, and outright failures. When I got the opportunity to apply my startup experience to a field I love, I jumped at it.

I've got two kids, a crazy dog (who you'll see in the gym), and I love being in the mountains. I used to be more active in them, but these days if I can just get there at all, even for just a two mile hike with my 5 year old, I'm happy. I also love telemark skiing and windsurfing.