Steve Amoroso

Founder & Head Coach

My belief is that fitness is an evolving lifetime journey. Depending on your current goals and function, your fitness can and should evolve with you! What does that look like exactly? For some folks, it may be some dedicated strength training and weekend trail runs. It may be group CrossFit classes. It may be Yoga and spin class. It may be some mobility work at home to restore lost ranges of motion and an evening walk with family or friends. It may be a daily bike commute and weekend yard work along with a healthy diet. My point here is that anytime someone moves, regardless of the type, its a good thing.

My job is to make you a healthier better version of yourself. It's to give you the tools and the direction to help you be a better version of you. Want to be healthy and strong to chase down and play with your kids? Be strong and resilient for ski season? Weight loss? Be able to run a 5K anytime, maintain a healthy bodyweight and maintain current strength levels? Are you a former athlete that likes to get after it and thrives in a team environment? Are you a current CrossFit athlete that enjoys competing in local and national competitions? Do you have a dynamic and physically demanding job?

As a husband and father with an athletic background, I understand the needs of my clients. I've been coaching and training clients for over 15 years. I believe in forming meaningful relationships with my clients based on honest conversations, ongoing assessment and purposeful programming. Fitness should be fun and meaningful! My goal is to create a community of like- minded folks that believe in hard work, a shared sense of community, having fun and understand the role fitness has in their lives.


  • OPEX Level 2 (In progress)- Program Design, Assessment, Nutrition
  • OPEX Level 1 Associate Coach- Program Design, Assessment, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Business Systems
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Poliquin Personal Trainer
  • Washington State K-12 Health and Fitness Professional Teaching Certification


  • Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting
  • Robb Wolff Nutrition
  • Eric Cressey Shoulder Assessment, Corrective Exercise, and Programming
  • Ido Portal Movement X
  • MoveNat Power and Agility