07252017 – Testing Week Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of testing week! You have already started to fill up the whiteboard with over 30 back squat PRs on Monday. I’m super excited to keep that momentum going through the rest of the week.

Today is everything shoulder to overhead. On its face, this looks like a ton of volume. But think of it in a progressive way: push jerk will build on push press which will build on strict press. Volume for each movement should be fairly low; for those following our Pursuit rep scheme and finding 1RMs, structure your attempts so you have 3-5 reps for each movement.

The most important three lifts today are strict press, push press, and push jerk. If you are confident and competent with the split jerk and still have gas left in the tank after finding your push jerk max, go ahead and continue to build. If not, end after the push jerks.

A fair amount of our members struggle with the difference between push press and push jerk. The goal of testing both movements on the same day is twofold: 1) help our members understand the differences between the two lifts, and 2) give us data (in the form of weights for specific lifts as well as ratios between lifts) that will help inform what our next cycles should focus on.



A: Strict Press (1RM or 3RM)

AKA Military Press

B: Push Press (1RM or 3RM)

C: Push Jerk (1RM or 3RM)

D: Split Jerk (1RM or 3RM)

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