We are testing weighted chin up and weighted dip today, in addition to a very simple conditioning test. Once a person has a strict chin up and a strict stationary dip, here are some goals to aim for:

  • Men: 33% bodyweight added for both movements
  • Women: 20% bodyweight added for both movements

If you can dip or pull more than that, that’s even better! This just gives a baseline to work toward.

For balance between pressing vs. pulling, chin up and dip numbers should be fairly similar. Don’t panic if your weighted dip is way stronger than your chin up, or vice versa — just take the information and use it to inform your training and accessory work.

Your lungs and willingness to dig should be the only limiters in today’s conditioning test. Pick someone in your class who you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep up with, and go for it!


A: Weighted Chin Up (1RM)

Supinated grip

B: Weighted Dip (1RM)


C: 3RFT 25 Burpees 25 Swings (Time)


25 burpees

25 American swings (35/53)

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