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The Great Pumpkin (Time)


400m headless pumpkin run

(must be done together! If you need to switch the weight off, you must both stop and then switch. Pumpkin is cradled under one arm)

31 weighted push ups (45/25)

(bumper plate will rest on the back/ scaled may go to knees. “resting” partner will hold Pumpkin OVERHEAD. Push-ups cannot be performed unless Pumpkin is overhead)

31 weighted overhead sit up (45/25)

(Plate must touch ground overhead when back is on the ground, and extended overhead at the top of the sit-up. Resting partner will hold Pumpkin in bottom of Goblet Squat position. )

31 single arm overhead pumpkin squats

(Pumpkin is held in the palm of one hand while overhead squat is performed )

31 x 10′ pumpkin toss

*If pumpkin is allowed at any time to touch the ground, team must perform 20 burpees immediately.

**If pumpkin BREAKS team must perform 50 burpees immediately.

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