12 Days of Christmas WOD

All classes on Friday, 12/16 will be doing our 12 Days of Christmas workout.  The workout is comprised of the following movements, for time, done in the style of the song “12 Days of Christmas.” If you can’t quite figure out the format, start singing the song and you’ll catch on pretty quickly!

1 muscle up

2 double unders (x 10)

3 back squats

4 shoulder to overhead

5 hang power cleans

6 burpees

7 deadlifts

8 AbMat sit ups

9 kettlebell swings (70/53)

10 wall balls (20/14)

11 toes to bar

12 strict handstand push ups

RX = 115/75 barbell movements, Russian swings

RX+ = 135/95 barbell movements, American swings

Don’t panic if you don’t have muscle ups or handstand push ups yet, as we also have scaled options that will make the workout fun* for everyone!

*”Fun” refers to the feeling you will have AFTER completing the workout.  It does not indicate that you will find the workout pleasurable while you are doing it.  😉

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