2017 CrossFit Games Open

Welcome to the weekend!  This weekend is even more exciting than most because registration has just opened for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open!

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is the first of three stages in the CrossFit Games season.  Hundreds of thousands of athletes from around the globe compete in the Open each year, making this a huge event that unites the worldwide community of CrossFitters.  You know that feeling of camaraderie when you commiserate with someone in your class about the terrible workout you both did last week?  Now imagine expanding that feeling beyond the group of people in your class, or in the gym, to the thousands of CrossFitters from other gyms around the world.

The Open consists of five workouts over five weeks.  CrossFit HQ releases a new workout at 5pm every Thursday, starting February 23rd.  Athletes have until the following Monday at 5pm to complete the workout and submit their score online.

After the five weeks, the top individual athletes and teams from each region compete at Regionals, which is the second stage in the Games season.  We are in the West Region, and our Regionals will be held June 2-4 at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, OR.  Spectating at Regionals is a fantastic way to see elite athletes up close and personal!  It is really fun to experience a high-level CrossFit event and see what is possible in the sport of fitness.

The CrossFit Games season culminates in the CrossFit Games, where the top individuals and teams from each region compete for the title of Fittest on Earth.  This year, the CrossFit Games will be held August 1-6 in Madison, WI.

Who  can participate?

Anyone over 13 years old can compete in the Open.  There is an RX and a scaled division, so the workouts will be fairly accessible no matter your ability level.  For those of you who love watching the leaderboard and seeing where you stack up (here’s looking at you, Will), this could be the most exciting five weeks of your year!

We will be programming the Open workouts as the class WOD every Saturday during the five weeks of the Open.  People who register for the Open and wish to submit a score will have an official judge and must complete the workouts as prescribed (either RX or scaled).  People who do not register for the Open will not need an official judge, and can be more flexible on scaling options.  Think of this as just another fun workout!  Open workouts are generally simple, challenging, and a great way to test yourself — against both yourself and others.

When is this all happening?

Registration started on Thursday!  You can register anytime from now until Monday, Feburary 27th.

The first Open workout will be released Thursday, February 23rd.  We will be doing the Open workouts in class every Saturday for five weeks, starting on Saturday, February 25th.  If you are unable to attend a Saturday class and wish to do the Open workouts another time, you can either come during open gym time to do the workout unofficially, or you can contact Monica to coordinate a time to be judged if you wish to submit an official score.

West Regionals is June 2-4, and the CrossFit Games are August 1-6.

Why should I do the Open?

Well, there really is no “should”!  Some of our members will register and submit official scores, while many will do the workouts unofficially just to have fun.  You all do CrossFit for a variety of reasons, and competing in the Open does not have to be part of your CrossFIt experience.  With that said, I think it is a ton of fun to do the same workout as hundreds of thousands of people around the world (thousands of people in our region alone).  Not because you expect to come in first — but because this provides a sometimes-rare opportunity to get a sense of the broader CrossFit community.  It is also really fun to do workout formats you might not be familiar with!  You will see many movements we do in class fairly frequently, and also probably some we do not do as often.  Open workouts tend to be that type of workout where you can push really hard, feel absolutely terrible right when it’s over, and then have fun for weeks afterward re-hashing it and talking about how terrible it was.

I am making this sound really appealing, right?!

Hell yeah, that sounds awesome!  Where do I sign up??


Registration costs $20.  Select CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer as your affiliate, and Twenty Pound Hammer as your team.

Then email Monica to let her know you signed up!

I don’t know if this is for me.  Where do I go for more information?

Go to games.crossfit.com, and check out this video where a number of people explain their reasons for competing in the Open.

Or have a conversation with Monica if you are not sure if the Open is right for you!

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