Bingo Update

December is more than half over, and it has been so fun watching everyone work hard to fill in their Bingo squares! We have about a week and a half left in the month and we promised to release the prizes at some point…soooo here’s some added motivation to get those squares filled in!

We will collect everyone’s Bingo cards in the first week of January. For every completed line, you will get 1 raffle ticket; and if you filled the entire card, you will get an additional 5 tickets. We will give you the tickets, you will write your name on them, then we’ll put them in a container. Once we’ve gotten everyone’s tickets, we will draw for prizes! There will be multiple tickets drawn, so you will have more than one chance to win.

Here’s the current prize list:

  • 1st drawing = free month of unlimited membership at TPH
  • 2nd drawing = gift certificate to Ethan Stowell restaurants
  • 3rd drawing = 60L Hylete backpack
  • 4th drawing = Nike Metcons or Reebok Nanos – gift card for your choice
  • 5th drawing =hour-long private training session with a TPH coach of your choice
  • 6th drawing = free week of NW Fit Meals (lunch or dinner)
  • 7th drawing = 16L Hylete backpack
  • 8th drawing = TPH shirt or tank
  • 9th drawing = jump rope
  • 10th drawing = foam roller

Get your bingo cards filled in and enter to win some prizes!! We are looking forward to hooking you all up in the new year. 😉

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