Memorial Day Weekend

Classes next Saturday, May 28th will be doing “Murph,” the classic CrossFit Memorial Day workout, on our normal Saturday class schedule (7, 8.30, 10am WODs, plus the 11am family class).  We will be closed and not running classes on Sunday and Monday, May 29-30th. Come in for a long workout on Saturday, then enjoy two

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Summer Competition Calendar

If you’re looking for ways to stoke your competitive fires this summer, there are a ton of events that might be right up your alley.  This is a very partial list of fitness events in the next few months.  Let us know if you are interested in any of them, either as a competitor or a spectator.  We

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Accessory Work: Glute Wall Slides

We have been incorporating accessory work at the end of many classes.  Accessory work is a great way to address smaller muscle groups and strength deficiencies that might not be adequately addressed with the compound movements you more commonly see in WODs.  In this video, Steve discusses the finer points of the glute wall slide.  Enjoy!

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Regionals Weekend and Events June 3-5!

Two event-filled weekends are coming up in the next month: May 20-22 and June 3-5.  See below for details! May 20-22 CrossFit Games West Regional The CrossFit Games West Regional competition is happening on May 20-22 in Portland, OR.  Just a few hours away, this is your best chance to see elite CrossFit athletes throw down

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Why Individualized? Or, the “It Depends” Model.

At CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer, our tagline is “Fitness. Community. Individualized.”  What exactly does that mean, and why do we think it is so important? FITNESS is a given – we are a CrossFit gym, after all!  CrossFit as a methodology aims to improve fitness across ten domains: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination,

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Contact us for details. -Monica and the Twenty Pound Hammer Team