If you’re new to CrossFit, it can be quite intimidating. Perhaps you’ve seen people walking down the street carrying heavy kettlebells, or maybe you’ve seen an industrial space with an open garage door and people lifting weights. Maybe you’ve watched world-class athletes competing on tv in the CrossFit Games. While these are all real, don’t be intimidated. CrossFit, as a rule, is an open, welcoming community that works for elite athletes and utterly untrained, average athletes. If you get into CrossFit, you can almost guarantee that you will meet great people, work hard, and improve your fitness.

The name “CrossFit” refers to a particular brand of fitness training, best described here on the CrossFit site: About CrossFit

CrossFit is often described as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” It is a strength and conditioning regimen that combines barbell training, gymnastics movements, odd-shaped weights, and endurance exercises. The training often involves a dedicated strength or skill component, as well as a mixed-modality WOD (Workout of the Day). It is constantly varied in that movements, time domains, and intensity will change from day to day. Your body will resist plateaus and continue to improve over time. High intensity means you will be working hard relative to your capacities. Functional movement means the things you do in the gym will improve your ability to function in everyday life.

You will sweat. You will be breathing hard. You will feel really, really tired. CrossFit is hard! Intensity = results, and if your workout is easy, more likely than not you are not getting better.

But “easy” vs. “hard” can mean a lot of different things. At Twenty Pound Hammer, we believe that not every workout should leave you lying on the floor, incapacitated, in a pool of your own sweat. Sometimes “hard” means practicing a high-level skill at sub-maximal intensity. Sometimes it means forcing yourself to breathe and focusing on pacing instead of speed. And yes, sometimes it means going all-out and leaving every ounce of energy you have on the floor. “Hard” can be intellectual, emotional, and physical. We tap into all three.

Does this all sound a little confusing? Here’s the summary: CrossFit is really hard, it’s really fun, and you’ll get in amazing shape. Twenty Pound Hammer is a smarter approach to training that taps into every aspect of your being to maximize your results.

Come in for a visit. You’ll get the picture.