Lumberjack 20, BodySpec, and Six Weeks of Heroes!

Testing Week/Lumberjack 20

We are halfway through testing week, and it has been a blast so far! I hope our members had as much fun lifting and PRing yesterday as we did coaching them through it. I spent, not kidding, a solid hour after classes last night re-watching all the PR videos I took while repeatedly exclaiming, “Yesssssss!”

Lumberjack 20 is tomorrow. We’ve been talking it up a lot, with good reason. This is a really tough, fun workout that you will be able to talk about with your friends for a loooooooong time afterward — don’t miss it if you can at all help it!

How to Prepare:

If you HAVE done the workout before — you can make your experience smoother by looking up which weights and movements you did last time BEFORE you get to the gym. Having this information in advance will make it easier to warm up and prepare for the start of the workout. We recommend using the same weights as you did last time, so you can accurately measure progress based on a faster time. If you do heavier weights and/or more advanced movements, your times won’t be as comparable.

If you have NOT done the workout before — don’t stress about preparing in advance! Your coach will lead you through everything you need to know. Come prepared to modify the workout; almost none of our members completed the workout exactly as prescribed, so you will be in good company.

Once Lumberjack 20 is over, we’ll be heading into a new training cycle. Details on that to follow…we’re planning alllll the way through the holidays, believe it or not! They’re getting close.

Before then, though, we want to point your attention to two events. Rather, one event and one event series. The standalone event first:

BodySpec returns to TPH

BodySpec is a company that provides mobile DEXA scans. A DEXA (or DXA) scan is a simple, 10-minute body fat test that takes a comprehensive snapshot of your exact breakdown of bone, fat tissue, and muscle mass. BodySpec uses the same medical-grade machine used by hospitals, universities, and professional athletic facilities to give you not only a total body fat percentage, but also complete visualization and analysis of your lean tissue and bone density.

We love BodySpec because the DEXA scan gives you so much more information than body fat percentage alone. Muscle mass and bone density are key health markers for people who are interested in longevity, and very relevant to the work our members do in the gym.

The van will be parked right in front of TPH from 7.30AM until 1PM on Saturday, October 9th. Advance registration is required. Their appointments usually sell out, so don’t wait!

Book your appointment here.

Friday Night Lights: Six Weeks of Heroes

⦾Who: open to all TPH members, with a 16 person cap
⦾What: a different hero WOD each week!
⦾When: 5-7PM on Fridays, October 15th through November 19th
⦾Where: TPH
⦾Why: people loved Friday night lifting nights this spring, so we wanted to bring them back…with a twist
⦾How: sign up in Wodify

We will publicize the workouts in advance, so you will be able to look forward to them! The workouts are varied, and a great illustration of the reality that although hero workouts are known for being extra-tough, they are not ALL super long and involved. Each coach has chosen the workout for the night s/he is coaching, and we are really excited about them.

Especially if you loved the lifting nights (LADIES OF TPH, where you at??!), put Friday nights on your calendar starting October 15th! Prepare to get out of your comfort zone, have fun, and socialize with your fellow TPHers.

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