Feats of Long Distance Rowing

The interwebs will, no doubt, turn up many more of these people. But here are three complete bad asses to get your mind churning with inspiration about what is possible.

  1. Colin O’Brady @colinobrady on Instagram #theimpossiblerow and other feats of extreme physical and mental endurance. Scroll through his Instagram account for insight into how he trained for these events!
  2. Jacob Hendrickson @jacobadoram on Instagram – rowed from Neah Bay, WA to Cairns, Australia in 2018
  3. Lia Ditton @rowliarow on Instagram. She rowed from Portland, OR to Sausalito, CA in September 2019, in preparation for a planned row from Japan to Washington state in 2020!

Now 281KM spread out over a month doesn’t seem quite so daunting, does it?

Next time you think something seems crazy, do a little research and look up who has done far crazier things. We don’t all HAVE TO do really hard things, but I think it’s good to know we all CAN do really hard things.

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