“How Many Miles” Spring Challenge

We kicked off this year with the Seattle to Portland rowing challenge. It was so awesome to see so many of our members get really excited about it, and motivated to move and push themselves! Now that we are literally all stuck at home, I know it can be really hard to tap back into that motivation and drive. Even when you know you’ll feel better if you move, it might just seem pointless, and it’s often tough to push if you don’t have a goal.

We’re here to help you out! We created the “How Many Miles” challenge to tap into your competitive spirit and provide direction and external motivation while we are all in quarantine. The goal is to get as far as you can…but this time, we’re giving you options for how to accumulate points!

“How Many Miles” Challenge
April 1 – May 31, 2020

you can do this as an individual OR as a team of two. Just like going on a road trip with a friend versus driving solo, sharing the work with a partner means you will be able to go farther, faster.

WHAT – you will be scored in miles. The default modality is running, where 1 mile = 1 mile. (That’s the obvious part, I know.) The goal is to get as far as you can in 61 days, OR pick a destination and see how quickly you can get there.

We have conversions for different activities, so no matter what you do, you can get credit for it!

1 mile run = 2KM row
1 mile run = 4KM bike erg
1 mile run = 3 mile Assault Bike
1 mile run = 50 burpees*

TPH Zoom class = 10 miles
TPH WOD on your own = 5 miles

CrossFit/high intensity WOD = 1 mile/5-10 minutes*
Yoga/low intensity activity = 1 mile/20 minutes*

Whining or complaining about the rules = -5 miles per occurrence

*You can do math to scale up or down, e.g. 25 burpees = 0.5 miles, a 0-5 minute WOD = 0.5 miles, 10 mins of stretching = 0.5 miles

WHEN – The challenge starts on Wednesday, April 1st, and will run through the end of May. That’s 61 days over about 9 weeks.

WHERE – Like the STP row, it might be fun to think of where you want to go and pick that as your target destination. Here are some ideas:

34 to Tacoma, WA
62 to Olympia, WA
143 to Vancouver, BC
174 to Portland, OR
808 to San Francisco, CA
1305 to Denver, CO
2118 to Austin, TX

Here’s an example to assist in your calculations. Let’s say I run an average of 3 miles per day, AND take Zoom classes 3x/week, AND do 500 additional burpees per week because “Yay, burpees!”

3 miles/day x 61 days = 183 miles
3 classes/week x 9 weeks = 27 classes. Each class = 10 miles, so 270 converted miles.
500 burpees/week x 9 weeks = 4500 burpees. 50 burpees = 1 mile, so 4500/50 = 90 converted miles.

Then my total converted miles would be 183+270+90 = 543 miles, which would get me into the northernmost part of California!

Some of the above distances are really far. BUT they should get your creative (and competitive) juices flowing, and just might be achievable especially if you work with a partner and combine a few different ways to accumulate miles!

HOW –¬†Every Sunday, I will send out a “roll call” through email and TrueCoach asking for your weekly totals (in converted miles), which I will then put into a spreadsheet to calculate weekly and overall leaders. Leaders will be updated on our blog and Instagram every Monday.

What questions do you have? 

Let’s get ready to start accumulating miles!

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