At Twenty Pound Hammer, we have a different approach to training. We believe that if we are willing to break the mold, innovate on how we train, and hold ourselves to a higher standard, then we can deliver to you, the athlete, a superior training experience and better results.


The core of our approach is the simple, yet often ignored, recognition that everyone is different.

Like other gyms, we offer group classes. But we place a high priority on the individual even within the constraints of a group setting.

Unlike other gyms, we offer an Individualized Coaching option. Each Individual Coaching client gets a unique training regimen designed specifically to address his/her goals and capabilities.


World class businesses have long known that if you want to achieve results you need to track, measure, and analyze the key metrics of success. We apply that same approach to training, allowing you and the coach to understand how your program is working and to refine the approach as needed.

Why don’t all gyms do this? Partly, it is because the software tools that enable it are just getting good enough. Also, it is because it takes a lot of work to set up and do properly and most coaches just want to be on the floor training. But since it is an essential element of getting the most from your training, we make it happen.


Injuries are counterproductive and usually unnecessary. Training hard is not enough. You also need to train smart.

Twenty Pound Hammer makes injury avoidance a core part of our model.

First you need to decide how much risk you are willing to take. If you are competing to win The Games, you need to take a lot. If your primary goal is to feel healthy, you do not need to take much.

Next, we build training routines that moderate the risk of injury. You will build a strong foundation before learning complex, more risky movements. We do not program max efforts every day. Our athletes know their bodies and base the intensity of their workouts on their own readiness, not on the fittest person in the gym. The goal is long term fitness, steady progress over time, and helping you achieve whatever metrics you have chosen as important.

Athletic pursuit always carries a risk of injury. But a smart training routine limits that risk.


We are dedicated to being the most knowledgeable, most welcoming, and friendliest gym in the Seattle area. We structure our programs to make sure everyone who comes in the door feels welcomed and accepted.

is inherently good at creating strong bonds between athletes. We are committed to ensuring that our Individual Coaching members get the same community benefits as those involved in Group Coaching. We ask Individual Coaching clients to work out during class times and participate in group warm ups whenever possible. Our coaches actively facilitate connections between athletes, and we host monthly and quarterly events that bring our members together outside of the workout environment.

Fitness and health are more than just a workout program. We want to partner with you in a holistic approach to wellness. Our coaches have many areas of expertise, but sometimes your needs will go beyond the scope of our knowledge. When that happens, we will connect you with experts who can help.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important areas of overall health and an essential companion to your training program. We address nutrition at all stages of our program, from the initial consultation to regular check-ins, and we partner with professional dietitians for our members who desire a more comprehensive nutrition plan.

At Twenty Pound Hammer we strive to limit injury, but injuries can happen in any athletic endeavor. We have used several excellent physical therapists whose services we are happy to recommend.

Hard, consistent exercise can cause imbalances and other issues that self-therapy cannot resolve. Just like you take your car to a mechanic for regular maintenance, deep-tissue massage can be an important component of regular maintenance for your body.