InBody Body Composition Testing

Thanks to the generosity of one of our members, we now have an InBody 230 available for body composition testing. This is an expensive, sophisticated piece of equipment and we are quite fortunate to get to use it.

Body composition involves measuring what your body is made of. Measuring weight alone does not give insight into how much muscle vs. fat you have; this is one of the problems with BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations, which only compare height to weight. Getting a more comprehensive picture of how much muscle you have relative to body fat is more useful than weight alone in terms of measuring health and body composition changes over time.  BMI indices, hydrostatic dunk tanks, and caliper testing are less accurate and useful than the InBody.

Three features I find particularly helpful:

  • Calculates both muscle mass and fat mass
  • Shows how your muscle mass is distributed through your body
  • Estimates your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)


We are offering InBody testing to our members at the following rates:

  • $25/test
  • $150 for a 4-6 week nutrition package that includes initial and follow up InBody tests, food log assessment, and two consultations with Vanessa

The InBody is a fantastic tool to help you measure progress over time. We find it less useful as a one-off body fat percentage test. People tend to have a lot of stress around numbers, particularly weight and body fat percentage. You might have a number in mind, below which you feel good about yourself and above which you feel bad. Instead of feeding into this way of thinking, we want to use the InBody to hep you track changes in your body composition as you work through cycles of training.

Email Monica or Steve if you are interested in discussing the InBody testing and determining whether it might be useful for you at this point in your fitness journey.

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