Individualized Program Design

Individualized coaching includes monthly consultations with your coach, nutrition and lifestyle support, video review and feedback on your workouts, and program design. Our individualized coaching clients work out at TPH, in their homes, or both!

10% discount if you prepay for six months in advance

Introductory assessment $199
Can be applied to your first full month of membership

Our assessment process involves three hour-long sessions with you and your coach. We will dive deep into your background, previous fitness experience, and current goals before moving on to a physical assessment. We have found this three-session process to be a key element in starting our individualized members off on the right foot and giving us the information we need to effectively craft your individualized program.

Individualized coaching is where Twenty Pound Hammer’s focus on the individual gets to shine. Individual program design (we call it ID for short) offers the best results for most people who are ready to take their fitness seriously. If you have specific goals, want to take training more thoughtfully, or are ready to make a serious life change, individual design is a great option for you.

We don’t stop at prescribing workouts, because your overall vitality and well-being have MORE to do with the rest of your day than with the time you spend in the gym. In addition to your workout program design, ID includes nutrition coaching, lifestyle and habit strategy, and monthly 30 minute consultations to make sure you are progressing toward your goals. And you can take (and do) ID anywhere! Whether you prefer to work out at home because of COVID, are traveling, or are going on a #vanlife vacation, we adapt your program to keep you progressing no matter where you are or what equipment you have.

We start all incoming ID clients with a comprehensive consultation and assessment, then put together a training program specifically for you. We use a platform called TrueCoach to deliver your workouts, including instructional videos and notes from your coach, so you can work independently with confidence. A floor coach will be present to offer corrections and feedback as needed. By tracking your results and uploading videos, your coach will be able to give you feedback and improve on your lifts even without being there in person.

Many of our members supplement their individual program design coaching with group CrossFit and/or private training sessions. Offering three different programs allows all our members to find the best fit for them. ID won’t resonate with everyone, and we want to be up front about that. If you primarily enjoy working out because of the group environment and want to be able to come in, get strong and have fun for an hour, then forget about the gym, our group programming is perfect for that.

We want to provide our athletes with the best of both worlds: the fun and motivation found in group training, along with the superior results of truly individualized programming. We have the systems in place to do this – now all you need to do is show up, be honest about your goals, and be willing to work hard to achieve them.


Individualized coaching is different from other service offerings in our market. Not knowing what to expect, you might be hesitant to make a long-term commitment. We suggest starting with our four week trial so you can understand what your experience will be like.

Our four week trial includes the following:

Week 1 – three hour-long assessment sessions. In the introductory consultation, we’ll cover your training history, review the rhythms of your schedule and life as a whole, and discuss your nutrition, habits, and goals. In sessions 2 and 3, we’ll be on the gym floor evaluating your movement patterns, checking for imbalances, and getting a sense of your current strength and aerobic capabilities.

Weeks 2, 3, and 4 – you will get unlimited workouts, floor coaching, and communication with your coach

Week 4 – you and your coach will meet for a 30 minute consultation to review the last few weeks of training and discuss your options going forward

Normally our private training costs $90/hour, so starting with our four week trial for only $309 is a low-barrier investment in your future training success. Contact us today to get started!


  • PER month



Standard Limited Starter
Classes / Week Unlimited 3* 2*
Price / month $270 $235 $200
Pay 6 months in advance (price per month) $243 (save 10%) $211 (save 10%) (no discount)

*Any training attended (group or individualized) counts towards your weekly limit

Family Discount: 10% off additional family members. Not to be combined with other discounts.