Intramural Open FAQ

What is the Open?
Go here to learn about the worldwide CrossFit Games Open. Go here to learn how we are doing it this year at TPH!


Will signing up through TPH also register me at
No, it will not. You are certainly welcome and encouraged to sign up at if you want to compare your scores to the worldwide community of CrossFit athletes. But signing up at TPH only registers you for our internal Intramural Open.

Can I still register through if I sign up for the Intramural Open?
Yes, absolutely! In this case, you will be judged according to the official movement standards CrossFit HQ prescribes, so there is less leeway to customize your own modifications. Other than that, your experience will be the same as every other TPHer who participates.

I won’t be able to do any/many of the movements RX; can I still sign up?
Yes! Please do. We will have an RX and a scaled division. The RX division will use the same movements as the official CrossFit Open workouts. The scaled division will operate more like a regular class here at TPH, where each person is free to choose a scaling option that makes sense to him/her. You get to decide which movements you want to do, then your judge will count your reps for you and judge you according to the movement standards you have chosen. Basic standards of good movement still apply (a squat is still a squat), but you are welcome to sub pull ups for muscle ups, ring rows for pull ups, lighter barbell weight, and so on.

I’m not into competitive CrossFit, so why should I sign up?
Because the Intramural Open isn’t only — or even primarily — about competitive CrossFit. This is going to be a big community event for our gym, and you’ll want to be a part of it! The Intramural Open is mainly about getting together with friends and having a good time celebrating fitness and celebrating each other.

But I’m new to the gym and I don’t have any CrossFit friends yet.
Perfect, this is the best possible way to jump start your friend-making process!


What will the class schedule be like on Fridays during the Open?
We will have a normal class schedule all day, including evening classes. Morning and noon classes will be run like normal. We will structure evening classes to allow for 2-3 heats of each workout so each person has a judge and can get an official score. Much will depend on the length of the workouts, so we will appreciate your flexibility with timing on these evenings.

What if I want to work out on Friday night but I don’t want to do the Open workout?
You should just come and do the Open workout! 🙂 It is really no different than any other workout you do with us on a regular basis. The main difference is you will have someone counting your reps and helping hold you to a movement standard. Chances are, if you are the type of person who does CrossFit, you are the type of person who likes making yourself better and appreciates getting out of your comfort zone. This is just another way to do both. Embrace the challenge so at the end of the five weeks you can look back and be proud of facing your fears!

I can’t come on Friday night, can I still participate in the Intramural Open?
Yes. We realize some members have schedule constraints, and don’t want to bar anyone from participating. We will have at least one make-up time available each week. HOWEVER, please do consider rearranging your schedule so you can come at least a couple of Friday nights. It will be way more fun for you and everyone else if you make an effort to fully participate in the fun! We get that we all have our routines, but special events like these are…well…special!


I have further questions….
Chances are, if you are thinking of a question, other people are wondering the same thing! Email Monica to ask. We will update this FAQ regularly to keep everyone up to date.

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