Intramural Open

The CrossFit Games Open is less than four weeks away! Last year, we had a ton of fun with Friday Night Lights. We are making some changes this year that will make the Open even more inclusive and fun for everyone. First, one key detail:


THE INITIAL SIGN UP DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY! This will guarantee you will get a t-shirt before the first Open workout. You will still be able to sign up and participate after Friday, BUT your t-shirt will take longer to arrive.


This year, we will be doing an Intramural Open. Members who sign up will be placed on a team and will have a chance to win points for their team throughout the five weeks of the Open. We are encouraging every single person in the gym to sign up! Whether you have been CrossFitting for 10+ years or are in your first week, Open workouts are a ridiculously fun experience and a great way to get involved with the gym and meet new people.

If you’re not sure what the CrossFit Open is, head over to to get more information about what the Open is and how it pertains to CrossFit as a whole.

To learn what we’re doing for the Twenty Pound Hammer Intramural Open, keep reading!

During the five weeks of the Open (starting February 21st), CrossFit HQ will release a new workout every Thursday. All Friday classes at TPH will be doing whatever the Open workout is that week. People who come on Friday evening will have their reps counted by a judge and will be able to contribute to their team’s score for the Intramural Open.

Signing up is easy! Just write your name and t-shirt size on the sign up sheet on the retail table in the gym. We will charge your Wodify account $25, which will cover your registration AND A SWEET T-SHIRT! Remember the registration deadline is THIS FRIDAY 2/1 if you want your t-shirt before the first Open workout. You will still be able to register after Friday, you just won’t have your t-shirt in time for the first week of the Open.

Teams will get….

1 point per teammate who shows up on Friday night
1 point per teammate who earns an official score on the workout
1 point per teammate who finishes in the top three in the gym
1 point per teammate who passes the CrossFit Judges’ Course
5 points if every team member earns an official score on the workout
5 points each week for the team with the best spirit
And other points opportunities TBA!

We will have both RX and scaled divisions, so everyone will be able to participate. Judging will be based on agreed-upon standards. Just like in a normal class, you will be able to choose your own scaling options and will be judged according to your capabilities. If you can’t make it on Friday night, we will have designated make-up times available. If you can’t make a designated make-up time, get in touch with a coach to arrange to be judged so you can get an official score.

The Open is a great opportunity to do something social and meet people outside your normal circle of classes. It’s also a great opportunity to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things! Trust me, you don’t want to be that person who — in late March — WISHES s/he had signed up to participate in the Intramural Open. You want to be that person who is super excited you took the leap and got involved!

We will regularly update our FAQ post, so look there first if you have questions. Then ask Monica if your question is not answered on the FAQ post. (Spoiler: if your question is, “Should I sign up?” the answer is, “YES!”) Then hurry and get your name and t-shirt size on the sign up sheet BY FRIDAY so we can get your t-shirt orders in so you’ll have sweet new swag before the first workout is released!

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