We pride ourselves on being a kid-friendly and a dog-friendly gym. I LOVE being at the gym during the 6am class when we sometimes have 3-4 dogs and a full class of humans. And it is awesome when parents show up with their kids in tow. At its best, fitness should involve our communities, and that includes family members of both the furry and non-furry variety.

We haven’t had any major kid- or dog-related issues in our almost four years of being open, and want to keep it that way as we continue to grow. Our primary concern is safety — of the adult human, kid human, and dog members of our community. We want to be proactive and institute an official policy to head off any issues before they arise.


1. Dogs and kids need to stay off the main workout floor during class times.
2. Dogs should be leashed when you enter the gym and during classes.


1. Owners and parents are responsible for vacuuming up excessive shedding and “kid crumbs.”
2. If your dog has a serious accident in the gym, we have to rent cleaning equipment to restore the gym to a sanitary environment. In this case, we will charge your account $75 to cover the cost of the equipment rental plus cleaning fees.


1. Dogs who bark excessively or otherwise create a distraction must be removed from the gym. Same goes for kids, hopefully minus the barking part.
2. Please be proactive and have a back up plan in mind in case your dog or child misbehaves.

We love kids and dogs, and understand that even the best-behaved of both have off days. If you want to bring your kid or dog to the gym and aren’t sure how they’ll do, it usually works best to start with our less-busy class times when the gym is quieter. We usually have a stash of bully sticks and dog chew toys around to help keep your pup entertained while you’re in class. If you’re a parent and want to help us start a stash of things to keep kids occupied, we welcome your donations!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about how this policy applies to you. We are committed to being an inclusive, family-friendly training environment where parents and non-parents alike can work out hard and escape the stresses of the other 23 hours of their day. A little consideration, planning, and communication will go a long way.


Contact us for details. -Monica and the Twenty Pound Hammer Team

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