New 5AM Class!

We are adding a 5AM class to our schedule starting June 18th. This class time will be on Monday and Wednesday, and we will be testing it out for three months (July through September). We will keep it on the schedule after the initial three months as long as we consistently have sufficient attendance. It has been really cool getting so many emails from members who are looking forward to working out so early!

The one IMPORTANT difference with this class is that we will be requiring people to sign up for class the night before.

Here are the details:

  • Registration deadline is 8PM the night before, in Wodify.
  • If no one is signed up by 8PM, the class will automatically be cancelled.
  • We will enforce a $10 cancellation/no show fee if you cancel after 8PM or if you no show for the class.

Those of you who come on Monday morning will be greeted by a new coaching face! Geoff Meno recently joined Twenty Pound Hammer as a member, and has been attending the 6am class. He has been doing CrossFit since 2008 and has over 7 years of coaching experience. We are fortunate to have him as a member, and are grateful he stepped up and was willing to coach bright and early Monday mornings! He is deserving of his own blog post, so keep an eye out for more information about Geoff in the next couple of days.

Please let Monica know if you have any questions about the new class time or the pre-registration requirement. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday morning!

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