Group Coaching


Our group classes are designed to challenge and improve your fitness in a group setting. Group coaching is unmatched for building camaraderie and general physical preparedness. It is also an effective, fun way to become introduced to CrossFit.

Our approach is individualized even within the constraints of a group model. Within the class setting, members will experience traditional scaling options determined by their capabilities and goals. Where the magic really happens is outside of class. We meet with everyone individually in a non-workout setting before they become a member. These consultations allow us to get to know each person and learn about their goals and background.

Individualized Coaching


Individualized Coaching is where Twenty Pound Hammer’s focus on the individual really gets to shine. We believe it offers the best results for most intermediate and advanced CrossFitters, while still allowing for the camaraderie and spirit of a group CrossFit program.

Individualized Coaching begins with a comprehensive consultation and physical assessment where we test your current abilities and discuss your history, expectations, and goals. Then we put together a custom training program just for you.


Foundations (for Beginners)

New to CrossFit? Looking to get into a regular fitness routine? Our Foundations classes are designed to get you up to speed for our group CrossFit classes.”

“Our Foundations course is required for all members without previous CrossFit experience. In 4 sessions, we introduce basic movement patterns as well as CrossFit’s methodology and terminology. The focus is always on movement quality, even as your intensity begins to increase. Foundations sessions are 1-on-1 with a coach so we can customize each session based on your experience and goals.”

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Our Private Coaching consists of one-on-one training sessions designed to supplement our Group CrossFit or Individualized Coaching programs. You get a coach’s undivided attention to work on what you want: skill training, functional assessment, rapid Foundations training, etc.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting 

Our olympic weightlifting class is designed to improve proficiency in the Olympic lifts through complexes, positional drills, and basic squatting strength. With no conditioning component, this class allows our members to focus on technique, accuracy, and strength in the snatch and clean and jerk.

Bring A Friend Class

Bring A Friend Class 

All WODs the first Saturday of each month are open to people with little to no previous CrossFit experience. Everyone is welcome, and we especially encourage our members to bring their friends to this class. The workouts will be challenging for our experienced members, but also accessible and fun for people new to fitness!



Are you an experienced CrossFitter visiting town? Come join us!


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