Spring 2022 Training Cycle

Every time we get to the end of a training cycle, people start asking us what’s next. For those who are interested, here is information on what we’ll be doing from now until a few weeks before Memorial Day!

Weekday Programming

Our next cycle will focus on comprehensive strength and balancing movement patterns. We’ll cycle through five movement patterns (upper body push, upper body pull, squat, single leg, and hinge) in a systematic way. With five movement patterns and four “working” days each week, the focus of each day will shift from week to week as follows: 


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Single leg Upper push Squat Upper pull
Hinge Single leg Upper push Squat
Upper pull Hinge Single leg Upper push
Squat Upper pull Hinge Single leg
Upper push Squat Upper pull Hinge
Single leg Upper push Squat Upper pull
Hinge Single leg Upper push Squat

Many of our recent training cycles have been structured to do the same lift on the same day each week: back squats on Monday, snatches on Tuesday, muscle ups on Thursday. This format is effective and rewarding. However, for this cycle we will focus on movement patterns rather than on specific lifts. While the movement patterns will follow the template above, the lifts themselves will change over the course of the 7-8 weeks.

The above format will ensure all our members get touches on each movement pattern. As a bonus, it rewards people who come more frequently: the more days you come, the more exposure you’ll get to all the movement patterns!

As a non-comprehensive example, over the course of the cycle you’ll see rear foot elevated split squats, overhead lunges, and barbell reverse lunges on single leg days; DB bench press, push press, and dips on upper body push days; and front, overhead, and back squats on squat days.

Conditioning workouts will tie into the strength movement for each day, and will be geared toward GPP, or General Physical Preparedness. Expect to see a priority given to unilateral (single leg and single arm) movements. This will directly translate to real-world strength, and will also be specifically applicable to those of you who are planning to hike, bike, and run this summer and fall. Unilateral movements correct strength imbalances, increase core strength, and will translate to stronger bilateral lifts such as squats and presses.

We’ll run this cycle for 7-8 weeks, then do a short build (3-4 weeks) into Murph, instead of a long specifically Murph-focused cycle like we did last year.

Sunday Strength

Sundays will focus on full body strength, still with a focus on unilateral movements. The first few weeks will be primarily upper body focused, with heavy Turkish get ups starting each session. Then we’ll start incorporating more lower body work, including hip thrusts in weeks 3 and 4! There will be a heavy emphasis on core strength and carries through the cycle.

As always, if you have questions or comments about what we are doing in classes and/or why, get in touch with me so we can talk about it!


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