Standard Warm Ups

Many of our members work out on their own, especially during the COVID-19 shutdown. Coaches usually have different warm ups for each class, tailored specifically to what you are going to do that day, but also have standard warm ups we return to frequently. Here are a few different options for warm ups when you are working out on your own!

Upper Body (Mike)

10 Jumping Jacks
10 Seal Jacks
10 Arm Circles forward/10 circles back
10 Arm Swings front to back
10 Shoulder Corkscrews
10 Scapular Push Ups
10 Down Dog Transitions
5 Down Dog Toe Touch per side
5 Table Pose Reach per side
10 Cat/Cow
5 Quadruped Rockbacks (Childs Pose Transitions)
1 Childs Pose Walk Off hold per side (Hold for 3 breaths)
5 Plank Sholder taps per side
10 Push Ups
10 Band Pull Aparts (if you have a band – sub unweighted reverse fly or bent over row to external rotation if you don’t)


Contact us for details. -Monica and the Twenty Pound Hammer Team

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