Testing Week 5

Happy Day 1 of testing week! This will be our fifth testing week, and it is a great opportunity for us and you to evaluate your training. Similar to testing periods in school or performance evaluations at work, testing week provides a snapshot of where you are at this point in time. It allows us to see where you are now, and evaluate the training that brought you here.

Every testing week has been a little different from its predecessors, and this one is no exception.

  • Where past testing weeks have blocked out seven full days for testing, this time you will see slightly fewer tests overall, and testing will run for one week only.
  • Two days will include optional, unscored (“no measure”) conditioning workouts. 

The two days with unscored conditioning workouts are there because the tests those days are not necessarily a good fit for all our members. Especially with higher-skill movements or very short pieces, people with less experience will not be able to push as hard as more experienced folks. Someone who is really good at double unders will be mentally and physically challenged by finding their max set of unbroken reps, while a less skilled person won’t be as obviously challenged — it will feel more like low-intensity skill work. Our members span pretty much all ability levels, and we want testing week to be a good experience for all of you!

Members who are able to go hard on the lower volume days — and who are experienced enough that they will be able to dig deep in subsequent testing days — are encouraged to NOT do the additional work.

  • Today: max pull ups, 1RM pull up, strict press, push press
  • Tuesday: sumo deadlift, max DUs, unscored WOD (optional)
  • Wednesday: front squat, 3RFT of 25 burpees + 25 kettlebell swings
  • Thursday: clean & jerk, 500m row (one and done!), unscored WOD (optional)
  • Friday: AMRAP18 of 15 box jumps w/ step down, 12 shoulder to overhead, 9 toes to bar

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