Testing Week Coming Up!

“Assess, don’t guess.”
I don’t want to bury the lead, so I’ll start by giving all of you a heads up that the week of June 27th will be our first testing week!  Our blog post next Monday will have a complete schedule for the week, so you can all start preparing to hit certain days hard.  Testing will run the gamut from the major lifts to a balanced variety of energy systems tests.  This will be a great opportunity to see where you are after our first few months as a new gym, and will set a benchmark for future testing down the road.
Whenever we begin working with a new athlete, going through some sort of assessment is critical.  This can be complex or simple, lengthy or brief; regardless of its form, if we don’t understand a person’s starting point we can’t come up with an intelligent roadmap for their continued progress.
For similar reasons, we need periodic testing to check whether or not our programming and coaching are on the right track.  Testing weeks will take place every four months.  The majority of what we do is training, not testing — but if we never test, it becomes difficult to measure progress or lack thereof.
Start planning for the week of the 27th — how are you going to eat, sleep, hydrate, and recover so you can be in optimal condition for the tests we are going to throw at you?  Future testing weeks will follow the same general schedule as this first one because to build consistency, we want to keep conditions the same from testing week to testing week.  (Think of how different it would be to test your 1RM back squat after a rest day vs. the day after doing “Karen.”)  With that said, we will have make-up sessions available for people who are not able to attend particular days — let us know your schedule limitations and we’ll help you figure out the best time to make up the tests.
Stay tuned for more details next week!

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