Testing Week Overview

Twenty Pound Hammer,

We want to give everyone a brief programming update as we approach our next testing phase and upcoming 3rd cycle.  

So far we have seen awesome progress with handstand walks and snatches. PRs have been smashed and new skills acquired.  Monica and I are excited to see how things shake out during our upcoming testing week!  There will be seven testing days, from Octobter 24 through November 2.

Testing Week Schedule

Monday 10/24
A. Back Squat
B. Chin-up
+ 500m row, rest 90 seconds, 500m row for 1K time

Tuesday 10/25

A. Strict Press
B. Push Press max reps @ strict press weight
+ ‘Rahoi’: AMRAP12 of 12 box jumps (24/20), 6 thrusters (95/65), 6 bar-facing burpees

Wednesday 10/26

A. Snatch
+3K run

Thursday 10/27

A. Front Squat
+ ‘The Chief’: AMRAP3 of 3 power cleans (135/95), 6 push ups, 9 air squats – rest 1 minute – x 5 sets

Friday 10/28

A. Handstand Walk for distance
+ 10 min Capacity Test: 4 min. row (calories), 3 min. pull-ups, 2 min. bodyweight (¾ females) back squat, 1 min. shoulder to overhead (135/95) w/ 1 min. rest between movements

Monday 10/31

A. Deadlift
B. Close Grip Bench Press

Tuesday 11/1

‘Cindy’: AMRAP20 of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

Wednesday 11/2

Make-up day

*Pursuit followers will find a 1 repetition maximum for all lifts
*Function followers will find a 3 repetition maximum

Looking Ahead

Looking toward cycle 3, our focus will be on working on improving our cleans and muscle-ups.  Does this mean that everyone is ready for squat cleans and muscle ups? Nope.  For some of us that may mean a hang squat clean or a hang power clean.  It may be someone’s first pull-up, weighted pull-up, or muscle up.  Does this mean we abandon handstand walks and snatches? No way!  We will continue to practice these skills and make progress.  


We are stoked about everyone’s growth and progress!  Our community is growing and new friendships are being forged every day.  As we move into the new year, we are excited to see what 2017 will bring.  


Steve and Monica

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