Testing Week Schedule 7/24-8/1

Here is our schedule for testing week, so you can plan which days to come or plan which day you want to make up next Tuesday. We want to be sure everyone has an opportunity to test the lifts they have been working on, so don’t hesitate to check in with a coach if you want to make sure you can test a specific lift or workout.

Monday 7/24

  • Max strict pull ups
  • Back squat
  • 800m run

Tuesday 7/25

  • Strict press
  • Push press
  • Push jerk
  • Split jerk

Wednesday 7/26

  • Max unbroken double unders
  • Deadlift
  • Tabata sit ups

Thursday 7/27

  • Weighted chin up
  • Weighted dip
  • 3RFT: 25 burpees + 25 American swings (53/35)

Friday 7/28

  • Clean and jerk
  • Clean
  • Front squat

Monday 7/31

  • Close grip bench press
  • 500m row – 90 sec. rest – 500m row (score is 1K time)

Tuesday 8/1

  • Make up day


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