Testing Week Schedule

Testing week is rapidly approaching!

It will run Monday, June 27 through Saturday, July 2nd. We want as many of our members as possible to go through the full complement of testing — this will help you know where your fitness sits, and will help us determine our general programming going forward. Please let Monica or Steve know if you will be away any day next week and want to make up the tests you missed.

Our more experienced members who have been following the “Pursuit” strength programming will find 1RMs of the given lifts. Less experienced members who have been following the “Function” rep schemes will find 3RMs.


Monday 6/27
A. Back Squat
B. Weighted Chin Up
C. For 1K time: 500m row – rest 90 seconds – 500m row

Tuesday 6/28
A. Strict Press
B. Max reps push press at “A” weight
C. For time: 3K run

Wednesday 6/29
A. Clean & Jerk
B. 3RFT: 25 burpees + 25 American swings (1.5/1pd)

Thursday 6/30
A. 5-10-5 shuttle sprint
B. AMRAP18: 15 BJSD (24/20) + 12 shoulder to overhead (115/75) + 9 toes to bar

Friday 7/1
A. Deadlift
B. Close Grip Bench Press
C. “Karen” with two scores: (1) Max unbroken wall balls in your first set, (2) Total time

Saturday 7/2
Make Up Day
10RFT: 500m row + 10 over the erg burpees

Take Sunday to rest and recover (with yoga, perhaps?), then come on Monday morning for our Fourth of July WOD! More details will be announced next week.

Get fired up!!

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