The Open is Coming!

The 2018 CrossFit Games season kicks off one week from today with the first Open announcement. The CrossFit Open consists of five workouts released over five weeks. Dave Castro announces the workouts each Thursday evening, then people from all around the world have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their scores online. Top athletes and teams from each region move on to Regionals, then the top athletes from Regionals move on to the CrossFit Games in August.

Starting next week, Friday classes will all do that week’s Open workout. Friday morning and noon classes will run as usual. Evening classes will NOT follow a normal schedule — we will run judged heats of the Open workout starting at 4.30pm. Heat times will depend on how long the workouts are and what equipment is required, so please prepare to be somewhat flexible with timing. Saturdays will follow our normal Saturday class format.

Why participate in the Open even if you’re not a Regionals or Games contender? I’ll quote Rory McKernan here: “Because it spotlights everything you love about CrossFit: community, hard work, progress, and — of course — some shared suffering with friends.”

Whether or not you register officially through, we encourage all our members to come participate on Friday nights! Doing the Open workouts connects you to the broader CrossFit community, as you do the same workouts as hundreds of thousands of other people around the globe. Not least, having a judge count your reps and enforce movement standards can be an excellent gut check.  

Seeing the scores and performances of elite athletes always inspires me. It’s easy to get complacent in day to day training. You know in a general sense who you compare to in our gym, and maybe you’re satisfied if you beat them in a work out. But the Open lets you compare yourself to people far beyond the confines of our gym, and can be a great source of inspiration to get even better.

We will need judges, so even if you don’t want to compete on Friday nights, you can still come help out and be part of the events! Judging will help you learn more about movement standards and CrossFit in general. If the thought of judging freaks you out, check out CrossFit’s Judges Course. It only costs $10, and is both a great refresher on movement standards for experienced athletes AND a clear, helpful introduction to the same for people who are new to CrossFit.

If you want to do the Open workouts but cannot attend on Friday nights, we can arrange an alternate time with advance notice. If you want your scores validated through CrossFit HQ, you must either attend on Friday nights OR let me know in advance that you need a judge and an alternate time. Unjudged workouts cannot be validated.

Email me if you have any questions about anything Open-related, including if you are interested in helping out with judging on Friday nights. I’m looking forward to throwing down with all of you starting next week — get your game faces ready!



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