We want to be the best gym around, and we are willing to break the mold to be it.

We imagine a gym where people of all fitness levels and abilities are striving to achieve their own best performance: where the elite CrossFitter is working out next to the 50 year old just getting into fitness, yet both are adapting workouts to suit their own needs and pushing hard to achieve their goals. A place where both feel welcomed, challenged, and supported.

To achieve this, we do things differently and hold ourselves to higher standards:

  • You love being part of group classes, but want greater long-term direction or have your own goals in mind? Our consultation process helps you clarify what your goals are, and regular assessment periods make sure you achieve them.
  • Standard group programming does not address your needs, but personal training is too expensive? Our individualized coaching and open gym model lowers the cost so customized training plans are accessible to more people.
  • Customized programming is too difficult to build, track, analyze, and refine? We suck it up and hold our feet to the fire to deliver for our athletes.

The pursuit of fitness is about health and performance. At Twenty Pound Hammer, we look at our business the same way: our goal is your results, and we are eager to do whatever it takes to deliver for you.