Weekend Updates and Anniversary Party

Weekend Updates

On our fifth day of testing with two more to go, our PR board is almost running out of space! Both new and experienced athletes have been PRing left and right. We hope you have been enjoying the temporary break from most conditioning workouts while we have been focusing on the major lifts this week.

Monica will be attending the CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Course this weekend and Steve is in New York, so Beth will be coaching the Saturday WODs at 7, 8.30, and 10am. The 11am lifting class will be run by a very familiar face to many of you: Mike Ng! We are really happy he agreed to step in and coach for us this weekend. Thanks, Mike!

Anniversary Party in Three Weeks!

Our 1 Year Anniversary Party will start at 6pm on Saturday, April 22nd. We will host it at the gym for a few hours, then head somewhere else in the neighborhood around 9pm for those who want to stay out later. Keep your eyes out for more details as the date gets closer!

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