Why Individualized? Or, the “It Depends” Model.

IMG_4890At CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer, our tagline is “Fitness. Community. Individualized.”  What exactly does that mean, and why do we think it is so important?

FITNESS is a given – we are a CrossFit gym, after all!  CrossFit as a methodology aims to improve fitness across ten domains: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  This is an inherently balanced approach.  Our goal is to build well-rounded, resilient athletes who are prepared to put the fitness they gain in the gym into practice in the rest of their lives.

COMMUNITY provides the vessel in which the magic happens.  We get to know our fellow athletes; coaches and members alike help push each other during workouts, and make working out a fun, social event rather than a purely solitary endeavor. Whether they are doing the same workout or an individual program, knowing they are part of a like-minded, supportive community encourages our members to be their best selves. 

Then we come to INDIVIDUALIZED. 

If community is the vessel, individualized is the key ingredient.  When we say “individualized,” we don’t just mean an individual training program.  Rather, it permeates our whole training philosophy.

Coaches get asked all sorts of questions:

What should I eat?
Is it OK if I drink alcohol?
Can I do a half-marathon for fun next weekend?
What should my training look like?

If you ask me, Steve, or any other OPEX CCP coach almost anything, nearly 100% of the time the answer is going to be, “It depends.”  We say that because we really can’t say what will be best for you unless we know your history, your starting point, and your goals.  Hearing us say “It depends” can sometimes seem like we’re taking the easy way out – but I promise that any time we say “It depends…” that will always be followed up with, “…so tell me more about what you really want to accomplish…”  A good answer needs to be tailored to YOU.

One of the really cool things about the “it depends” (aka the individualized) model is that it put the emphasis squarely where it belongs: on you, the person asking the question, rather than on the coach.  You have to figure out what you really want – your heart’s deepest desires. This is not what you think you should want and not what you think your coach wants for you.  It is what YOU want. Then, once you have figured it out, it is your responsibility to act in alignment with your heart’s deepest desires and it is the coach’s responsibility to help you figure out what actions will help.

INDIVIDUALIZED at CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer means we work with you to clarify your goals.  Then, we figure out a way to help you get there.  This runs the gamut from helping you figure out appropriate weights to use for the day’s workout, to writing you your own training program, to giving you a dose of tough love when you need it.  We will hold you accountable to yourself.  

A community full of people who know what they want and are working hard to get it – what better place to train?

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