Winter 2016 Sweatshirt Order

sweatshirt-backIt is rainy and grey outside, with a definite bite in the air. People who have lived in Seattle longer than I have tell me the weather is going to be like this until about June.  (Kidding! Only until May, right?)

However long it lasts, we want to make sure you are able to stay warm and rep CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer gear all year long.  We have not had sweatshirts in stock since our very first clothing order sold out, so it is time to re-up your stash!

Sweatshirt sales this time around are by PRE-ORDER ONLY.  To place your sweatshirt order, write the following information on the whiteboard above the cubbies at the gym:

  • name
  • quantity
  • desired size(s)

If you cannot make it to the gym this week or are not sure if you will remember when you are there, email me with that information and I will make sure we get your order in.

Here is a link to a sizing chart.  We will send our order to CustomInk THIS FRIDAY, December 9th, so do not delay!

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