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    A different kind of CrossFit

A Different Kind of CrossFit

CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer is a different kind of CrossFit gym. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality coaching and programming, and we are willing to break the mold to do so. Our key insight is that each athlete is an individual, with unique goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We build our training programs accordingly.

Like most CrossFit gyms, we offer group classes. For many people, Group Coaching is an incredibly fun, effective way to work out. Initial consultations, scaling within each workout, and regular assessment periods allow us to individualize our approach even within the constraints of the group model.

Our Individualized Coaching option creates even greater precision. Training plans are unique to each individual, and athletes work at their own pace during coached open gym time. This allows our athletes to maximize potential in light of their own goals.

While we place a high priority on the individual, we are dedicated to building a strong community amongst our athletes. We make sure everyone who walks in our doors feels welcomed and accepted. Whether you are a current CrossFitter, a participant in another physical activity, or brand new to fitness, come in and learn if CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer is right for you.

CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer
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