Weekend Updates and Anniversary Party

April 07, 2017, by Monica Olsson

Weekend Updates

On our fifth day of testing with two more to go, our PR board is almost running out of space! Both new and experienced athletes have been PRing left and right. We hope you have been enjoying the temporary break from most conditioning workouts while we have been focusing on the major lifts this week.

Monica will be attending the CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Course this weekend and Steve is in New York, so Beth will be coaching the Saturday WODs at 7, 8.30, and 10am. The 11am lifting class will be run by a very familiar face to many of you: Mike Ng! We are really happy he agreed to step in and coach for us this weekend. Thanks, Mike!

Anniversary Party in Three Weeks!

Our 1 Year Anniversary Party will start at 6pm on Saturday, April 22nd. We will host it at the gym for a few hours, then head somewhere else in the neighborhood around 9pm for those who want to stay out later. Keep your eyes out for more details as the date gets closer!

Introducing Josh!

March 27, 2017, by Monica Olsson

Josh first came to work out with us in August of 2016. He and his girlfriend, Brooke (and their super cute dog, Pacha) were in the process of moving to Ballard from New Orleans and were checking out CrossFit gyms in the area.  We loved having them during their trial week, and were really excited when they decided to join us after they moved!

Josh is an experienced athlete and gained extensive coaching experience at CrossFit NOLA. When we started thinking about adding another part-time coach to our roster, he was our natural first choice. He won't be coaching for us very frequently, so consider yourself fortunate if you find yourself in one of his classes!

Josh's CrossFit biography is below. What that paragraph fails to mention is that he is also an accomplished french horn player who currently splits his time between Seattle and Orange County, where he is the Assistant Principal and Third Horn of the Pacific Symphony. Visit his website for more information about his orchestral endeavors!

"Josh has been involved with CrossFit in one fashion or another since 2008. After "retiring" from the soccer team at the University of Dayton due to various lower-body ailments he was introduced to the main site WODs by a friend and, like many athletes before him, was humbled by the workouts. Upon leaving Ohio to start graduate school at Northwestern University, Josh joined his first affiliate gym in Chicago. After finishing school and during his time living and working in New Orleans, he started coaching and competing at CrossFit NOLA. While his competition days are over, Josh is honored to join the Twenty Pound Hammer staff and share his experiences as a long-time member of the CrossFit community. He believes in helping people achieve more balanced and fulfilling lives through efficiency in movement and steady progress towards realistic and reachable goals."

His first classes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week. Prepare to have knowledge bombs dropped!


Schedule Update - Evening Classes

March 12, 2017, by Monica Olsson

Many of you have noticed our evening classes have been growing rapidly. The energy is the gym has been fantastic, and we are excited to welcome so many new members to Twenty Pound Hammer!

In order to keep class sizes reasonable and our coaching quality high, we have added a fourth evening class to our schedule, effective immediately. Our weekday evening classes will now be held at 4.30, 5.30, 6.30, and 7.30pm. Our latest class on Friday evening will start at 6.30pm.

Please help us out by continuing to register in advance for classes so your coaches and fellow members will have an idea of how many people will be in each one. Morning and weekend classes will remain on their current schedule for now.

Here's to another week of fitness with old and new members alike!